Affiliate program

What is an affiliate program?

 We give you a referral link. (your unique customer referral link) (It is also possible to issue a unique discount coupon)
By this link, a potential customer goes to our store and buys something.
 You receive % of the purchase price to your account in your personal account, with subsequent withdrawal.

Personal account:

Example: A person clicks on your referral link buys goods for example for $ 100., You are charged $ 10. to your personal account (% is charged from any purchase). If after the transition he immediately leaves, then he goes to us via the usual link during the first 30 minute session and buys something, you will also be charged interest for the purchase.

What are the restrictions and prohibitions?

 payout from $10;
 it is forbidden to buy goods using your referral link / coupon, we will notice it right away;
 Yandex Direct and Google Adwords contextual advertising is prohibited;
 it is forbidden to post topics on forums;
 any impressions based on brand queries are prohibited;
 mail and any other type of spam is prohibited


 Passive earnings
 All refovodam will be provided with an individual additional discount
 Withdrawal of funds to convenient payment systems

How do I get a referral link?

1. Register in your personal account
2. Fill in the information inside your personal account to get a referral link

If you still have questions, you can always ask technical support: