Proxy Manual

Instructions for using a proxy:


1. Resident proxies:


File for Resident proxy generation:



Proxy Type (SOCKS5/HTTP) Address: 19X.XXX.XXX.XXX:1хххх



You pay for the amount of traffic used, not for the day/week or month of use.

You also get access to highly anonymous proxy servers with 100 000 000 Million+ proxy ip

From more than 200 countries of the world with the ability to choose a country and simultaneously connect to many different ip.


1) An example of the usual format when you need to use more than 1 proxy from the pool at the same time:

socks5:19X.XXX.XXX.XXX:1xxxx:LOGIN:PASSWORD - in this case, you will get a random proxy from a pool of 100 Million +

If you add to the "log" parameter -s-(name) you will get 1 other proxy.

Thus, if you write like this:




In this configuration, you will be able to use 3 different proxies at the same time (the number of simultaneously used proxies is not limited, it can be 1000+)


2) Indication of the country

If you add the -c-(country) parameter to the "log", you will get a proxy with the desired country.

Thus, if you write like this:



In this configuration, you can use 2 proxies at the same time, one from the USA, the other from Zambia.

(the number of simultaneously used proxies is not limited, it can be 1000+ )


2. Proxy Extension:

In development (will be later)