CREATED 6.5.24-12.5.24: Google accounts with email | Gmail | Geo - Mix | COOKIES

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 ➤ The bed is indicated in the name
 ➤ The GMail accounts are registered automatically.
 ➤  The account name can be either Russian or English.
 ➤  There is an additional mail in the package
 ➤ The gender is male or female.
 ➤  We are registered with IP addresses from different countries of the world.
 ➤ The format of the issued accounts. The data format is specified to make it easier to read the received data and may vary slightly, which does not affect the operation of accounts in any way

 ➤ Cookies are in base64 format for convenience, it can be easily converted to JSON format:

login: password:additional mail:pass:Cookies

 ➤ Recommendations for purchase.
-use a proxy when working with accounts
-first, buy a small number of accounts (up to 10) and test them