Proxy Manual

Instructions for using a proxy:


1. Resident proxies:


File for Resident proxy generation:



Proxy Type (SOCKS5/HTTP) Address: 19X.XXX.XXX.XXX:1хххх



You pay for the amount of traffic used, not for the day/week or month of use.

You also get access to highly anonymous proxy servers with 100 000 000 Million+ proxy ip

From more than 200 countries of the world with the ability to choose a country and simultaneously connect to many different ip.


1) An example of the usual format when you need to use more than 1 proxy from the pool at the same time:

socks5:19X.XXX.XXX.XXX:1xxxx:LOGIN:PASSWORD - in this case, you will get a random proxy from a pool of 100 Million +

If you add to the "log" parameter -s-(name) you will get 1 other proxy.

Thus, if you write like this:




In this configuration, you will be able to use 3 different proxies at the same time (the number of simultaneously used proxies is not limited, it can be 1000+)


2) Indication of the country

If you add the -c-(country) parameter to the "log", you will get a proxy with the desired country.

Thus, if you write like this:



In this configuration, you can use 2 proxies at the same time, one from the USA, the other from Zambia.

(the number of simultaneously used proxies is not limited, it can be 1000+ )


3) Fixing the IP address

When a user uses an IP for the first time, the system will randomly assign an IP address and bind it for use.

Subsequent proxy requests of the user will use this IP address, but the IP node may be disconnected due to network problems, then the system will assign another IP address to ensure normal use of the proxy server, if you do not want the system to automatically assign, you can add

parameter -f

Please note that sometimes the ip may not be online, then it will not work at this time, you will have to wait or take a new one.

Example of IP fixation:


This way you will be able to use the fixed ip address of the Zambia proxy.


2. Mobile proxies:

Link to change IP (or country): http://193.ХХХ.ХХХ.ХХХ/RefreshIP ?userName=Login&countryISO=country

Example: http://193.ХХХ.ХХХ.ХХХ/RefreshIP ?userName=testakk_1&countryISO=vn

Where 193.XXX.XXX.XXX is the IP address issued in the order

testakk_1 is a Login

vn - country Vietnam (The full list of provided countries can be viewed in the Excel file for resident proxies.)